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RAD7 Radon Monitor


The RAD7 is a sophisticated measuring instrument that is able to handle complex measurements. It is used in laboratories and research work around the globe, by radon testers, mitigators and home inspectors, in mines and deserts, on the ocean and up volcanoes, at extremes of temperature.
The RAD7 is also the simplest computer-driven electronic detector to use, with pre-programmed set-ups for common tasks. It's built to withstand everyday use in the field. A rugged, handsome case encloses the detector, which is self-contained and self-sufficient. The RAD7 comes complete, with a built-in air pump, rechargeable batteries, and a Hewlett-Packard alpha-numeric graphics printer with infra-red link. The printer can be left in your office or your car, when desired, and the detector will collect data and store it for later printing or downloading to a PC.


RAD7 Features:

  • It is both a sniffer and a continuous monitor
  • Measures both radon and thoron. Shows both on the spectrum printout
  • Fastest response and recovery times of any electronic monitor/sniffer on the market
  • Easiest to use. Microcomputer directs you, step by step, so you can do what you want to do
  • Programmed set-ups for often-used tests
  • All-in-one complete, compact, portable unit in handsome rugged carrying case
  • Weighs just 11 pounds (5 kg)
  • Measures EPA action level of 4 pCi/l in just one hour
  • Recovers from radon highs in minutes - not hours
  • Displays, prints and downloads data in your choice of units
  • Audible radon and thoron counts. Lets you hear the hot spots
  • Tamper-proof key-lock command secures your RAD7. Assures proper testing
  • Spectrum printout verifies correct operation of instrument in field
  • Hewlett-Packard IR printer included in price. Infra-red data link for on-the-spot printouts
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Built-in air pump
  • RS-232 & USB port
  • RAD7 is everything you ever wanted, or will ever need, in an electronic radon monitor




RAD7 Specification:
FEATURE Specification
MULTI-MODES  Continuous Radon Gas Monitor
Long-term/Short-term screener 
Sniffer, with small tube "snout", to search for radon and thoron entry points.
Grab mode protocols for radon in air and water.
MULTI-MEASUREMENTS Measures radon in air, soil, and water (with RAD H2O and RAD AQUA accessories).
NOMINAL SENSITIVITY Monitor: 0.5 counts/min/pCi/l
Sniffer: 0.25 counts/min/pCi/l
RANGE 0.1 ----> 10,000 pCi/l (4 ---> 400,000 Bq/m3)
MEMORY 1,000 radon concentrations, and associated data. Can be read out on LCD, downloaded to PC and/or printed out on HP IR printer. Summary of run shows high, low, average and standard deviation of readings.
PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION Electrostatic collection of alpha-emitters with spectral analysis.
BUILT-IN AIR PUMP Nominal 1 liter/minute flow rate. Inlet air filter
Inlet and outlet air connectors.
SPECTRUM PRINTOUT High-precision alpha-energy spectrum identifies isotopes in radon and thoron decay chains. Shows proper operation of RAAD7 and enables superior RAD7 functionality.
FAST LOW-LEVEL READINGS In Continuous Monitor mode, RAD7 measures the EPA action level of 4 pCi/l in just 1 hour (60 minutes), with standard deviation of 10%. Since the RAD7 has virtually no background, it has a much lower detection threshold than other electronic detectors, easily measuring down to below 0.1 pCi/l
RECOVERY IN MINUTES Recovers from high radon exposure with a 3.05 minute half-life: to less than 10% of peak value in 12 minutes; to less than 1% of peak value in less than 30 minutes. Drops from 20,000 to 1 pCi/l in one hour.
TAMPER RESISTANT A "Test Lock" command is programmed into the machine to secure your RAD7 against all kinds of intentional or unintentional tampering.
AUTO MODE This setting starts a test run in Sniff mode, then switches to Normal mode after the first 3 hours. No more waiting for equilibrium. Gives quick response, followed by statistical precision.
COMPUTER LCD DISPLAY 2 line X 16 character, alpha-numeric, easy-to-read display.
AUDIBLE RADON COUNT Indicates presence and intensity of radon and thoron. May be turned on or off.
POWER AC or battery powered - 5 AH 6V batteries. Automatic charge when plugged in and switched on. Continuous battery operation: 24 hours in Sniffer mode; 72 hours in Monitor mode.
PRINTER Hewlett-Packard Model HP 82240B
RS-232 PORT Computer or modem hookup.
OPERATING RANGE Temperature: 30° - 105° F.(0° - 40° C.)
Humidity: 0 - 100%, non-condensing.
WEIGHT/SIZE 11 pounds (5 kg) complete - 9.5" X 7.5" X 10.5"
CASE MATERIAL High density polyethylene.
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